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  • Presencial
  • 16 hours
  • Theory, practices and mail assistance



  • Basic knowledge of Operative Systems
  • Basic knowledge of networks TCP/IP
  • Basic knowledge of Linux and Asterisk

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About the course

ICA Advisor is a basic course, introductory to VoIP and Issabel

The training is available on presencial mode and the student will receive theory, laboratory practices and complementary content.

Who is dedicated to?

The course is oriented to profesionals that starts in the VoIP without previous knowledge in solutions over unified comunications. Among the students are executives selling technology, network administrators, first-class technicians.

If you want to start with VoIP this is the right course.


The course contains material that is divided into chapters and organized sequentially. This course will take the student an approximate of 16 hours between the theory and execution of practices. The study is complemented with the assistance of official instructors Issabel through an exclusive mailing list for the course..

This course is optional for the career of Certified Engineer in Issabel (ICAE) and its specializations, and is an excellent way to obtain general culture information and a good background on telephony.

This course has a total of 8 chapters (theoretical, and practical), all aimed at understanding the basic concepts of voice over IP and applying them in a simulated real-life configuration.


  • Introduction to Issabel
  • Introduction to VoIP
  • Virtualization


  • Issabel PBX
  • Security
  • Issabel Meet
  • Migratig from Elastix to Issabel
  • Recomended Practices

Download the Syllabus for an extended detail of each chapter


The calls to the courses will be published in the Events Calendar

The response time in the support list is 8 × 5 (starting at 9:00 CET), with a 4-hour SLA.

The ICA Advisor course allows you to obtain the ICA (Issabel Certified Advisor) certification.

The certification exam has 100 questions; to pass it, the student must complete more than 75% correctly. Upon passing the exam the student receives the ICA certification. The cost of certification is included in the price of the ICA Advisor course.

A certification guarantees the recipient that the organization behind the training officially endorses knowledge about Issabel.

Subjects and exam weights

Voice and Networks: 15%

  • Introduction to VoIP
  • Introduction to TCP / IP networks

Telephony: 15%

  • Telephony Systems

Issabel: 70%

  • Introduction to Issabel (10%)
  • Installation of Issabel (2%)
  • Basic Linux (3%)
  • Basic configuration of Issabel (45%)
  • Recommended practices (10%)
  • The training material and official certification is the information provided to the student in the ICA Advisor course.
  • It is important to mention that taking the course does not guarantee that the student passes the certification exam.
  • Training is an important tool to pass the exam but it is important to review the material available during and after the course.
  • The student can take the exam at any time, and we always suggest that it is when he has completed the training and cleared his doubts with the support of the tutor and/or the mailing list.
  • The student has an intent included in the price of the course.
  • All additional attempts may have a cost.
  • The value of the certification is included in the price of the ICA Advisor course.
  • The ICA exam can be taken online directly with Issabel
  • It is not Issabel's responsibility if the student does not pass the ICA exam.
  • The course mailing list is for questions about ICA Advisor training.
  • This list receives permanent queries about this course, take into consideration that you will continue to receive messages from it even if you are not in the course at that time.
  • If you consider that you do not want to continue receiving messages from the list there is an un-subscription option.
  • The list is moderated and answered by official Issabel instructors and students.
  • The purpose of the list is to "guide the student", "not solve problems".
  • An added purpose belongs to giving information about functionality and capacity of the Issabel solution.
  • Before asking a technical question, try to find an answer by reading the manuals and / or content of the course.
  • Always before making a query make sure you have exhausted all possible means of research, this is a list of guidance and consultation, it is not free support.
  • For solving problems there are other methods of consultation and even support paid on demand.
  • Do not send SPAM.
  • Use common sense
  • It is forbidden to send auto replies from "out of office", if they are absent there is a functionality that is activated to not receive messages.
  • It is important not to use emails in HTML format, only plain text, improve the flow and dynamics and the message arrives complete.
  • Avoid sending heavy attachments.
  • Remember that the quality of the answers will depend on the quality of the questions.
  • Do not use capital letters in the text, only to highlight important things, in the capital letters it is considered as shouting.
  • Take special care in what you write, remember that the mailing list keeps a history and it is indexed by Google..
  • Avoid the use of bad words, especially when you refer to other people.
  • If you do not know the answer to a question asked in the list, please do not answer; not even with assumptions. The character of the list is not that of brainstorming.
  • Stay on the subject, avoid posting things that do not correspond to the thread in which you participate.
  • Remember that this is a list of training in IP telephony, VoIP and mainly Issabel, avoid as far as possible offtopics, the abuse of this can cause you to get off the list.
  • Sending spam, intensive use of off-topic and offenses to other members may constitute reasons for being removed from the list.
  • The administrator of the list or the moderators have the prerogative to block messages that they consider offensive towards other people, offtopics or repetitive messages.
  • Commercial mail will be moderate, this is a non-commercial help list.
  • Try to avoid sectarian comments based on races, nationalities, creeds and political and similar orientations because they could be misinterpreted by others and become offensive.
  • Be polite. Use "Please" and "Thank you in advance." Make it clear that you appreciate the time that instructors and other students use with their guidance.

Administration of the list..

The Administrator and the moderators will guide the activities of this space, guiding the subscribers to where direct their queries, if they do not fit within the allowed topics in the list.

The administrator of the list or the moderators have the prerogative to block messages that they consider offensive towards other people, offtopics or repetitive messages.

In the same way, the administrator and the moderators may block a user if he sends offensive messages or reoccurs in the inappropriate use of the lists.

Only in extreme cases, the administrator will institute the general moderation mode and moderators will review and approve all received messages.


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